Birthright Journeys are cultural immersion experiences that fully immerse you into the traditional and modern life of Africa. We handle all of your needs. Whether you embark on one of our pre-planned journeys or we curate a personalized journey, we guarantee a life changing experience. We specialize in travel to Ghana, West Africa which we believe is the best place for first time travelers to Africa. Our key partners in the air and on the ground ensure a smooth, safe journey from door to door. All of our journey's include the option of completing an DNA Test with a reveal ceremony during the journey.

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." - Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Key Partners

We are located in the Washington, DC Area at the Adinkra Cultural Arts Studio located in the Gateway Arts District in Buildings 3802 - 3808 34th Street in Mt. Rainier, MD 20712. We have a variety of traditional and contemporary offerings for ages 3 - adult:

  • Traditional West African Hand Drumming Classes

  • Traditional West African Dance Classes

  • Contemporary African Dance Fitness Classes (daily)

  • African Cultural Arts Summer Camp (ages 4 - 13)

  • An 1100 sq. ft. Art Gallery and rental space

Bring Africa to you with our intergenerational professional West African Dance and Drum Company Farafina Kan which literally translates to the Sound of Africa. Farafina Kan is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the history, integrity, and representation of traditional West African drumming and dancing. Our company age range is from 6 years old - adult.

We are available for a number of performances and educational presentations globally including but not limited to Festivals, School Performances, Workshops, Residencies, Church Performances, Weddings, Birthday Parties and more.